After more than five heart attacks over the years, my father passed away on February 2017. I made this piece to understand –perhaps naively– the entirety of this event. The volcano proved to be a fitting metaphor. It is omnipresent, unpredictable and explosive.

A one-time private performance took place on The Systemics Lab (UCSB). Original sketches were done on transfer paper. These sketches were used to arrange the final composition. They were digitalized and then loaded into the programmed code.

Special thanks to my colleagues at UCSB who attended the event.

ABOVE: Performance documentation (2017).

PHOTO: Iconografía (2017).

VIDEO: The rehearsal video above has been released to complement the official video. The room sound for this clip has been re-mastered in order to provide a different take of the final performance.
February 16th, 2017.

IMAGE: Explorations of soundwave representation, custom JAVA Software (2017).

PHOTO: Custom Java software (Processing) meant to send MIDI data to various analog synthesizers (2017).

PHOTO: From L to R Mare Hirsch, Kurt Kaminski, Fabian Offert, Keehong Youn and Tim Wood.

PHOTO: Studio, Santa Barbara, CA (2017).


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