P4C3 (EP)


P4C3 is a self-released EP published both online and as a physical limited-run edition. All sound studies are the product of an ongoing sonic search. They were put together between the early fall of 2017 and the late winter of 2018.


01 - State of Emergency was recorded around the time of the massive Thomas Fire that destroyed hundreds of buildings and burned 281,893 acres in Southern California (US).

02 - Reappearance is a metaphorical reflection of my constant trips to Mexico City in 2017. A tune would disappear and reappear over time, just as my visiting patterns did around those days.

03 - Yin's Dream came to me during a quiet February night. It was first published on social media with mixed old footage from my Mexico City apartment years earlier.

04 - La Paz (Peace in Spanish) features pure sine tones heavily rearranged using a modular synthesizer. For this study, I brought
 field-recorded storm clouds into the mix. These sounds were captured during a rainy afternoon near the house where Leon Trotski spent his final days.

05 - Call is a mixture of concrète sounds over an electronic layer of saturated repetition. 

Sound, Design and Notation: Juan Manuel Escalante
Print Support: Yin Yu
Project supported by the National Endowment for the Arts (National System of Art Creators, FONCA, MEX). / Always grateful to Hugo Escalante for his accurate feedback and wide ears. / Mixed and mastered in Santa Barbara, CA (US).

Total duration: 20 minutes


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