PHOTO: National Center for the Arts, CENART (MEX, 2012).


2012   |   GENERATIVE

Algorithmic Hermeneutics was a one-year project commissioned by Centro Multimedia at the National Center for the Arts (CENART, Mexico City). The project explored the notion of data manipulation and transformation. We wrote custom software to convert sound information, images, texts, and three-dimensional data into a different medium. The results were shared as a solo exhibition and a limited-edition publication.

The project marked a significant moment in our code-based practice since it brought together and materialized many of the expressive computational ideas we had been working on years earlier.

National Center for the Arts CENART, exhibition (MEX, 2012)
Print supervision: Arq. Omar Real
3D Modeling: Marco Gamboa (Fac511)
Industrial Design: D.I. Roxana Reyna
Fabrication: D.I. Saúl Grimaldo López

Special thanks to: Ana Villa and the team at Centro Multimedia, National Center for the Arts CENART (MEX, 2012).

PHOTO: Installation views, National Center for the Arts, CENART (MEX, 2012).

PHOTO: D-Dessin Exhibition. Represented by YAM Gallery (Paris, FRA, 2013).

IMAGE: Self-generating image (2012).

IMAGE: Generative images inspired by molecular geometry and bonding angles (2012).

IMAGE: Perlin noise-based audiovisual system ​(2012).

ABOVE: Semantic arrangement of Bob Dylan’s Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie using a factor oracle principle (2012).

IMAGE: Soundwave translation of a bitmap image (2012).

ABOVE: Generative 3D geometry (2012).

ABOVE: Audiovisual time-based system ​(2012).


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