2015   |   PERFORMANCE
LU.KI.DUS. was a live cinema and sound performance focusing on scale, pattern, and awareness in collaboration with software engineer and media artist Kurt Kaminski. We developed a technique to automate a microscope’s stage position through computer controlled motors. Our goals revolved around exposing the unseen yet omnipresent events which unfold at the microscopic scale. We crafted a distinctive kind of microscopic world that leans more towards the experimental rather than scientific.

Using different combinations of crystals, contaminated water and alcohol, we set ourselves on a journey to find the unknown. The audience is invited to witness this journey. Few rehearsals took place. We were presenting to the public live matter / life, and nobody can rehearse for life!

Kurt Kaminski: Concept, system design, software engineering, Arduino programming, fabrication, photomicrography
JM Escalante: Concept, system design, software engineering, composition and musical performance
Akshay Cadambi: Mechatronics advisor

MAT End of Year Show perforance.
Elings Hall, UC Santa Barbara (USA)

Art and Science Competition, 3rd prize
(California NanoSystems Institute) (USA)

PHOTO: Kurt Kaminski’s modified microscope (2015).


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